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At J&C Helpful Hands, our services are available to our distinguished clientele. Your needs are in our hands and we take our job very seriously. Visiting this website, you have the opportunity to view the information, also request, and expand the information in a personalized way, through our contacts … emails, text messages, WhatsApp, and social networks. We improve our willingness for immediate attention every day. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

We have several services available, which we offer in a personalized and professional way, you can visit our page and validate them in the visitor portal, if you want to contact our services it is very easy and simple, it is very user-friendly. You must REGISTER, obtain an access code and obtain a simple application, with basic and necessary data according to what you decide to select. You must cancel the application, the amount being very accessible for users, said application will show you the different opportunities that you have to offer a job and/or find a job according to the branches offered.

Like any serious and highly responsible company, we must cover basic expenses and service charges. If you find what you are looking for through our management, you will have to pay a fee to the company for our personalized services, we simply offer you this great opportunity through technology, and you can achieve your goal from the comfort of your home, and communicate easily with us to help you with your questions and needs. At J&C Helpful Hands, we are committed to the quality of service. Contact us right now.


Our services:

Nannies: As parents, we understand the value that the family represents from love and before society, and above all that great value that children have for their parents, finding what we are really looking for is not an easy task if we do not do it with the right people. For example, finding a good babysitter is not an easy task but it is possible, and we make it happen through our work, selection, and constant search, showing the best options! We can offer babysitters for children of all ages and activities, with different schedules, willing to work from a few hours of service, day or night, a few days a week, or the whole week according to the agreements and your needs. Permanently or temporarily. The families offer salary, hours, type of work, and reach an agreement with the direct provider of the service. (the same babysitter)


That Wonderful and saving word …Nannies go much further, and it is one of the most beautiful professions that exist, babysitters or caregivers, their work is very valuable and important in the training and care of children, we can find it according to their specific requirements and needs. According to your schedules and requirements. Your timely, educational, professional, and fun care will make your children feel excited and secure.


They are specialized people, capable of reforming and repairing your home according to your needs. This staff coordinates and manages the different jobs to be carried out. Ingenuity, responsibility and professionalism are very important to achieve the expected results. We get the ideal for you and your needs.

Cleaning Service:

We provide various types of cleaning, in your home, (house, annex, or apartment), inhabited, unoccupied, or newly built, your business or office, schools, and sports complexes, residential communities, buildings, and warehouses, as well as cleaning service for different events, meetings or parties.